ChicagoI arrived in downtown Chicago late in the evening. It was dark already, cold and it started raining. The big buildings seemed to overpower the tiny figures of people, walking past me. I stood there and looked up, to the sky and the buildings.

I needed to reach the bus station, to catch my bus that would take me further south. I felt so happy, in a different country, looking at the world a different nation  – mentality has built.

I couldn’t help the feeling that the buildings belonged to the past. Yes, they were used, people lived and worked there, but they were built during the time when the values such as self-belief, cooperation, growth, love and passion were an every day reality.

That night I felt that the modern America was no longer like this. Or perhaps it was just Chicago, late at night.

Anyway, as I walked past the buildings, a woman approached me, asking whether I was lost. She could not walk properly, was limping on her leg.

I was not lost, but as she wanted to give me the directions, I listened. She explained the way to the bus station so clearly, with such desire to help me.

And than asked… “I am homeless, would you mind giving me a dollar?”

I reached out for my wallet and gave her a $10 note. she was susprised, and I was too. I have not given money to the homeless people in years, thinking that it did not help them, but supported begging, instead of independence.

But … it the moment when she aksed and I looked into her eyes, I saw that that elderly woman would not change her habits, would not stop being a beggar.

Not everybody can change, and for most people it is possible when they are young, their minds are fresh and open. But when they get older, the habits they formed throughout the years overpower them, and it is too late to change anything.

There are people who can change their thinking, habits, literally anything they want in their lives no matter how old they are, but this woman was not one of them.

I saw it, and helped.

A stranger’s gift

“-hello Miss
-hello (I said)
-I am a bit drunk, just a bit, but still very conscious. I want to wish you well, good health and love. Because if there is no health, there is nothing. Be happy, and protect your health. I want nothing in return.The best wishes to you.”
He said and left.
Happened in Kraków, Poland. At times, an amazing encounter hides just around the corner. Magical moments are everywhere, but they just pass unnoticed



beauty in a blink of an eye


It was green, no wind in the town several hundred metres below. But here, just thousands steps away from the silent sleepy town, I felt the refreshing wind and cold.

Movement changed everything.

A satisfying day

When you start your day by doing something productive, a task that you start and finish, achieve a goal you have set up for yourself, you will be stronger during the day.

In the morning I often run or hike the mountains in my area. Some walks are more difficult than others, and they give me the sense of accomplishment that nourishes my soul. Right from the beautiful morning, to the end of the day, when I am happy to have lived well, yet another day!




We are in this really complex world of computers and machines… telling people that life has just got easier, that they do not need to think and everything will be taken care of.
This illusion creates a false impression…